Fire Evacuation Systems

Fire Evacuation Systems are fire alarms for evacuating occupied buildings. This usually uses audio and / or visual warning devices. They generally consist of manual pull station at all the exits, automatic detectors, and strobes, horns, or speakers. 

Emergency Voice Alarm Communications (EVAC) Systems

An EVAC system is part of a fire alarm system that uses high reliability speakers to notify the occupants of the need for action in connection with a fire or other emergency. Speakers are automatically activated by the fire alarm system in a fire event, and following a pre-alert tone, selected groups of speakers may transmit one or more prerecorded messages directing the occupants to safety. The messages may be repeated in one or more languages. Trained personnel activating and speaking into a dedicated microphone can suppress the replay of automated messages in order to initiate or relay real time voice instruction.

Series Z products are equipped with a unique, separate base that provides customers with easy-to-use-and-install capabilities. During construction – before walls are covered or finish work is complete – Series Z products can be pre-wired and circuits can be pre-tested.  As a result, installers are able to identify installation issues in advance, which helps eliminate costly and time-consuming reworks.


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