Managed Access

Safety Systems introduces new low cost Access Control line

In October 2010, Safety Systems made a significant investment in order to provide a streamlined access control system that minimizes customer expenses and allows us to take responsibility for software and hardware maintenance, and all the fun work of programming cards and schedules.  We have partnered with Honeywell Access to provide what is known as Managed Access. Instead of our customer providing a computer server and supporting software programs to operate an access control system, Honeywell Access has developed a system that allows the computer server and software to be located in our facility, and we provide all of the necessary backup power, software patches, upgrades and backups, as well as maintain the server hardware.  Each customer is configured independently, and with a high speed internet connection the access control system at the customer premises gets all its programming instructions directly from our server.

Access control systems have become the most popular type of system we provide, and yet some potential clients were concerned about the investment in staff training and computer hardware necessary for the system to function.  With Managed Access, any changes to door unlock schedules, added or deleted cards, or changes to the times an individual is permitted to access a building can now be addressed with an email or fax to our office, and we will make it happen!

The advantages of an access control system over keys are many:

• Access can be tracked so you know who unlocked a door, and when

• Cards can be tracked so you see every door unlocked by a particular card

• Access can be limited to specific days and hours – a contractor working in your building can be issued a card that works from starting time to quitting time on week days, but doesn’t work at all at night or on weekends

• Lost cards can be quickly removed from the system – lost keys require all the locks to be rekeyed and new keys reissued to everyone

• Cards can be programmed to work in other buildings – we are currently adding Honeywell Access systems to our branch office locations, so our staff can easily access any office without remembering to bring the right key!

Please contact us or any of our sales representatives to see how Managed Access can increase the security of your facility!