Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems

Safety Systems is an authorized Pyro-Chem dry chemical fire suppression system distributor. With that backing, Safety Systems can provide you with a top of the line dry chemical fire suppression system. No matter what size of project you may have, Safety Systems can help. From design through installation, we can do it all.

Common Uses

The most common use for a dry chemical fire suppression system is paint spray booths/rooms. The reason a dry chemical system is ideal for paint booths or rooms is because they are designed to confine or limit the escape of spray, vapor, and residue. A dry chemical system smothers a fire and inhibits re-ignition of the fire. Dry chemical extinguishing agents are appropriate for Class A, B, or C fires.

System Operation

Dry chemical paint spray booth fire protection provides a reliable response with the versatility of automatic of manual activation.

A modular concept of protection is used. A nozzle with a prescribed area of protection and positioned according to pre-engineered placement parameters protects a modular area of hazard. Sets of nozzles supplied by a dedicated cylinder containing dry chemical extinguishing agent and piped in an approved pattern consistent with the application coverage are utilized. Mechanical or electrical fixed temperature thermal detectors are positioned strategically within the protected area to monitor ambient temperature and initiate an output should the rated temperature be exceeded. Manual means of activation is also provided.