Commercial Security Systems

Safety Systems has partnered with First Alert Professional Security Systems for a variety of business applications, including financial institutions, retail stores, business offices, hospitals, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, laboratories, and storage warehouses. We provide monitoring services from our own central station, located in Jackson, MI. Typical features of our security systems include:

Point Identification – permits ready identification of a faulted door or motion sensor. Provides identification both on site and at our central station.

English language display – we provide point descriptions in plain English, not in a code you need to decipher. Your security system should work for you, not vice versa.

Downloading from our central station – permits us to modify programming as needed, without the delays and expense of site visits from our technical staff. Downloading permits us to add or delete unique access codes – based on your needs.

Multiple User Codes – We can provide up to 150 unique user codes for your system, so if one individual leaves, everyone doesn't have to learn a new user code.

Watchman Service – with our electronic Watchman Service, we can document when your security system was armed or disarmed, and which user code performed the operation. We can also contact someone if your system has not been armed by a specific time – providing you protection against someone forgetting to arm the security system.

In addition to the security system, Safety Systems can provide solutions for every size business, ranging from portable fire extinguishers to sophisticated fire alarm and closed circuit television systems to access control systems. For more information on fire extinguishers, fire alarm system, closed circuit television systems and access control systems, click on the associated drop-down boxes in the tabs above.